Great scores in the International Wine Cellar review

Odfjell´wines received great scores in the last Stephen Tanzers review for the International Wine Cellar Magazine. This review awarded Odfjell’s wines as: 90 Points: Vigno 2010 90 Points: Winemaker’s Travesy 2009 89 Points: Orzada Carignan 2010 88 Points: Armador Cabernet … Continue reading


Outstanding scores in Descorchados 2014!

Once again Odfjell has obtained outstanding scores in the chilean wine guide Descorchados. ALIARA 2010→ 93 PTS. ORZADA CARIGAN 2011→ 92 PTS. ORZADA SYRAH 2009→ 92 PTS. CAPITULO 2010→ 91 PTS. ARMADOR SYRAH 2011→ 90 PTS. ARMADOR CARMENERE 2012→ 90 … Continue reading


Rediscover Armador: New image for Armador Wines

We have changed the image of our line of wines Armador, under de motto “Rediscover Armador”. This new label was born from the concept of returning to the origin, highlighting the little horse, icon of our brand and of the … Continue reading